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        Hi all, I Am the Leader Of TheFamily (Xx_Clouds_xX) I will be posting more about the fraction as it grows please keep checking back for more info, so far we have this....      

        There are 6 clans in the fraction at the mounment they are.....
(1)TheGathing 64k Power(Host Guild)
(2) Londelirinen 41K Power(Vent Host Guild)
(3)AZKALS 40K Power

(4)DeathHunters 39K Power 
(5)Inamorata 38K Power
(6)Liberty 34K Power (First Guild To Join
                                                    The List is made from hightes Power To Lowest Power
         If youre Clan would like to go to TW then please PM me and look at the form under TW that will have all the info you need to make and win the war

        we are currently on no ones RPK list and no one is on ours try to keep it that way please dont go out and RPK it makes a big problom that i dont think we will be albe to slove (PK Rules/KOS/SL form comming soon)

        We do have a vent if you would like to ues Please Pm me or look at the slogan has info in it. if you do ues vent we have been asked to keep the info private and to not ues foul luangage most of us have young people around and dont need to be hearing that kind of stuff (Vent Pervliges can be revoked if needed to) but other wise please log on vent when ever you can and try to be as active as possibal.

        Daly GQ counts twards the fraction so with out doing GQ your hurting both your clan and the fraction please try and do it every day and clan leaders get a clan lab built so they can sumit matrials to your clan to get Dev,Funds,Contributain, and exp please try and get your building Lv up as soon as possibal
        I am stersing on this it is verry inportant for all the clan leaders (or and clan menber) to give me what your gathing and when you gather it help the fraction build more buildings and upgrade quickly so far we have only a cuple

(1) TheGathing Farms at About 18:00 Server Time and Make Geods (Snow)
(2) Londelirinen Farms After the Daly Quiz (About 20:15 Server Time) And Makes Niter (Desert)
                                                                                         Last Updated 12/30/11
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mikianmusser, Dec 29, 11 11:52 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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